The Magic of Intention

Nekisha Harrington


What are Waistbeads?

Waistbeads are beaded adornments commonly made of glass seed beads, strung and worn around the waist. The traditional strand might be elevated with shells, charms, gemstones, crystals and metals (e.g. gold, silver, hematite, copper, etc.) for added energetic and healing benefits. Waistbeads have been a known element of African culture since the 15th century and can be worn as a symbolic expression for womanhood, femininity, fertility, spirituality, protection, seduction, confidence, sexuality, intimacy, status, wealth, celebration and so much more! 

My intention is to channel my unique gift of creative expression into wearable art you love, that keep you mindful, support and encourage you on your own unique journey.

At Artfully Beaded Strandz, we truly believe that intentions hold powerful magic. When used as tools set with sincere mindful intention, wearing tied-on waistbeads is a beautiful reminder and visible accountability partner that is always with you. 

Why Wear Waistbeads?

Waistbeads are often used for Weight Management as they can be a great tool to keep track of weight gain and loss. When weight fluctuates on the higher side, waistbeads will feel tighter on the waist and roll up on the body. Yes, that intensifying discomfort is intended to be a gentle reminder and motivator. As weight decreases, they will loosen and drop lower on the body. The practice of wearing several waistbeads over time can help to contour the waist and accentuate the hips.

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About the Designer

Hello, friend! 

I’m Nekisha, a Louisiana born and raised, slightly eccentric 70's baby who digs the moon, rainbows, soulful music, walking and beading as a form of meditation and self-care. I made my very first waistbead in 2019 after getting my first one during a vacation in Jamaica. I wasn't prepared for the emotions that came over me when I put on a colorful mix strand whose energy I was attracted to. I absolutely loved them. I felt beautiful, powerful and fierce. You couldn't tell me I wasn't cute and sexy. Even though it was removable, I wore that strand every day. In the weeks that followed, I started learning more about the history and benefits and when I started creating waistbeads for women like me, Artfully Beaded Strandz was born. My designs are inspired by traditional African waistbeads, but bring a different flavor that's all me.

If you read this far, know that you are welcome here. Reach out any time with your questions. We are happy to make sure this space feels like home to you.🤗